Cumberland Heights is one of two elementary schools located across the Cumberland River in the rural southwestern part of Montgomery County. The community, originally known as Stringtown, was changed to Cumberland Heights in 1953. Briarwood and Shady Grove schools were consolidated to form Cumberland Heights School which was built on ten acres. The school served grades one through eight with a total enrollment of one hundred seventy-eight students. The original building consisted of six classrooms, office, kitchen, and all purpose room. In 1954, two classrooms and restrooms were added to the facilities. Later additions included a used army barracks that housed two classrooms, three additional rooms to the main building, a gymnasium, and a library. In 1968, the seventh and eighth grades were moved to Montgomery Central School leaving Cumberland Heights with a student configuration of grades one through six. A music program was added in 1970 followed by special education resource classes in 1971. Three portable classrooms were added to house two kindergarten classes and a Title I Reading program. Between 1972 and 1976 additional kindergarten classes, a speech class, Title I Reading and a learning disabilities class were added. In the fall of 1978, the school became affiliated with the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. The sixth grade was moved to Montgomery Central in 1989 leaving Cumberland Heights a K-5 school. In 1988, a part-time guidance counselor was hired. A part-time art program was established in 1992. The original building was used until 1998 when a new facility was opened. The school has continued to improve facilities, but has taken a closer look at improving services.